Tai Chi Free man

Tai Chi Free Man

Zhang Zhijun’s bio

Zhang Zhijun is today one of the most respected Chen Tai Chi master in China due to his efforst in sharing the most effective style in Chen style. He was citizen who was born in March 1946, Longdong Township, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province in Xuhe village. He was a worker in the Zhengzhou National Textile Factory Number Four and is now retired. Zhang started Chen style Taichi ¬†with the famous Chen Zhao Kui…


Tai Chi Free man

Tai Chi decoded with CSSI team

Tai Chi’s Two Extremities Theory

According to Zhang Zhijun, the most important theory to apply in Tai Chi Chuan is called ” Two extremities leading strength two poles coiled on themselves” (shao jie ling jin, liang tou juan qu).

It which can be defined according to the three following aspects:

1) Tai Chi Chuan generates three-dimensional diverging and converging rounded movements. Diverging movements come from the centrifugal force generated by an “internal … More
Zhang Zhijun Tai Chi Chuan Che style

Zhang Zhijun and his martial experience

Late master Chen Zhao Kui

The good teacher that I was about to be presented by Chen Mao Sen, as promised, was not less than the direct son of the Illustrous Master Chen Fa Ke: Chen Zhao Kui. First let’s return to 1928, when Chen Fa Ke accepted Chen Zhao Pi’s invitation to Beijing. He lived in Bejing Xuanwumen Luoma Shi (Rome City) , Guozigang Hu tong, Henan Hall, as a professional teacher of Tai Chi Chuan. He will be rapidly recognized as “Beijing’s Top Ranking Number One Tai Chi Expert”….


Highest level in Tai Chi Chuan: scientifically decoded with Zhang Zhijun in China’s top Sports Labs center – Complete collection of 3 DVDs

Highest level of internal martial arts – Decrypting Tai Chi Chuan martial skills

In 2010, one major documentary department of Chinese International Channel CCTV4, “Discovery” worked in collaboration with the China Institute Sports Science Research Center (CISS) to produce this movie on decrypting Tai Chuan skills with the most advanced scientific testing instruments. It is the first of this kind to be officialy approved by the Chinese Goverment. After two years of post-preparation, the key members of this project were finally selected: – Zhang Zhijun will be representing Tai Chi Chuan’s highest level skills… More